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  • very cool Adams, I saw during the beta run that the weather effects are clientside instead of serverside, but after seeing the performance requirements, I now see that they are trying to optimize the hell out of it. There were issues with the weather not being the same for everyone thus some people were in the middle of a sandstorm and getting sniped when they themselves couldn't see more than 30 feet or so. Hopefully it will be addressed. I go premium usually but I will wait awhile and see what other battlefield players have to say about it. Atm feedback in the community is ok but there are hints that it is needs considerable work. EA has a tendency to push DICE to release games before they are ready.
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Tue Sep 20, 2016 8:22 pm

  • You're absolutely right about DICE and its poor habit of releasing too soon. I too have read about some of the issues you mentioned. Im hopeful, yet I think, like you, its best to sit by and observe things for a while. At least until the feedback from those fully engaged (if you will) have better things to say about some of the wrinkles yet to be ironed out. I did the same thing with Windows10. While I am still very displeased with the privacy invasions built right in to the OS, there are ways around them, and I really enjoy being able to take advantage of DirectX 12, as it makes a world of difference in new games like BF1 for example.

    Lets hope DICE has its shit together this time around. I for one, am an eager sob lol and I cant wait to start playing again.
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