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Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:45 pm

  • I have read, tested thoroughly, and confirmed all but one aspect mentioned in the above comments. In my conclusion, the improvement achieved on my end, is due to the service without a VPN, that fares rather poorly in my service area.

    Circa is right in his statement, generally speaking. But in some cases, like mine, for one reason or another, he is also mistaken in his general rule.

    Perhaps one difference on my end, as opposed to the general use is; I dont simply use software to utilize a VPN on my desktop, its not desktop based. I flashed the bios of my Linksys Router, and installed a new Firmware, DD-WRT. Using this interface, I installed the VPN directly to my router. I didnt do this with gaming in mind. I did it to block my ISP from blocking and or filtering any specific media content to my router, and ultimately, to my Desktop.

    At this point, Im wondering if, I create a virtual desktop, and play off of that, to achieve a false remote desktop if you will, which I could have appear to be in St Louis, whether or not I would see yet another difference, another improvement, even greater than my original, or if there would be no change at all.

    There are mixed results all over the internet one can refer to if so inclined regarding this topic.

    As far as the obvious stuff, one would assume the remaining community already knows, like console commands, and the connection setting within multiplayer options; I only threw those in the mix of this, as some simply overlook them upon reinstalling the game, forget to check, sign on and go wtf is wrong with my ping? lol

    Anyway, with that said, if you are interested Tro, I can hook you up with my credentials, and you can tinker around with the VPN service I am using, see if it helps. However, I recommend using DD-WRT firmware on your router. Perhaps your ISP or your service area, is poor, like mine, perhaps thats why your ping is so high, and with a bit of dumb luck like I have found, youll see an improvement that yields a better gaming experience for you.

    Ill test the virtual desktop scenario in the coming days and report my results.

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