Teamspeak 3 Text to Speech Notification Fix ***Edit 7/27***

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    This is a fix for ts3 to give you text to speech notifications like *name* has entered the server, *name* has joined the channel, etc.

    Click Settings, then Notifications at the bottom left. At the top left, click the dropdown menu and select default text to speech. At the top right, click the dropdown menu and change the option from "play only important sounds" to "play all sounds".

    That's all! Credit goes to Lessslie for figuring this out.
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  • If you want to modify the TEXT TO SPEECH phrases this is possible. Open the default_speech\settings.ini file in notepad or similar text editor.

    This can be found where ever you installed TS3 ---> C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound\default_speech\settings.ini

    Find the specific phrases you want to change and edit them. There are probably only a few phrases that are worth messing with, for example when users join a channel or are moved to a channel.

    You will want to alter the phrase which is inside of the say parenthesis double quote. For example: = say("<---phrase here --->")

    ${clientname} and ${channelname} are placeholders for those values. You probably want to keep those for the player and channel, but can remove the server as its slightly redundant.

    Code: Select all
    # Client switched to current channel
    CLIENT_SWITCHED_TO_CURRENT_CHANNEL_APPEARS = say("${clientname} joined ${channelname}")
    CLIENT_SWITCHED_TO_CURRENT_CHANNEL_STAYS = say("${clientname} joined ${channelname}")

    # You
    YOU_SWITCHED_CHANNEL = say("Channel ${channelname}")
    YOU_WERE_MOVED_TO_DIFFERENT_CHANNEL = say("Moved to ${channelname}")

    You can further modify which notifications you hear by tweaking the Setttings > Options > Notifications within the TS3 application.

    If anyone wants help with this please let me know.
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