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Weapons options update

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 8:19 pm
by High on Death
I got sick of ending up with the wrong sniper rifle when changing teams, so I added a couple of choices.

Choose MG to get the other teams' sniper (as before)
Choose Rocket to get the Springfield (regardless of which team you join)
Choose Shotgun to get the Kar-98 (regardless of which team you join)

Also admins now have the option of allowing pistols without changing the mod/restarting the server.

The variable WMODE controls the weapons allowed. There are 3 options.
WMODE = 0: All weapons.
WMODE = 1: Our regular rifle/sniper mod.
WMODE = 2: Rifle/Sniper mod with pistols.

There are cfg files that change the variable and also change the server name.
Rcon exec aweap for all weaps,
rcon exec rifles for rifle/sniper,
rcon exec pistols for rifle/sniper/pistols

That is all.