Fuck the NFL!

Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:30 pm

  • vicodin wrote:I don't think everyone who voted for Trump is as you described. I do think that some of them are though and I think that it's telling that people get more angry about black players not standing than white folks bringing out torches and chanting 'blood and soil'. That the same people who fly confederate flags at "Free Speech Rallies" get angry that someone is "disrespecting America".

    So yeah, racist. Nice.

    And when you call all the players idiots you're doing the same thing as liberals thinking all Trump voters are idiots.

    So I'll just take a page from your book and say for the record, no I don't think that every player in the NFL is an idiot. But I do think that a lot of them are incredibly ignorant. Like those football folks over in London, kneeling for the Star Spangle Banner, and standing for God Save the Queen, in a protest about racial oppression. Completely ignorant of the fact that the British colonized Africa.

    Enough of this shit. I've been playing into the whole thing; the politicization of everything. It has already ruined my love of football. No need to politicize MOHAA. I'm done.
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