New Anti Cheat for MOHAA alphamac

Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:06 pm

  • Assuming this thing works. We should make it mandatory. Especially the heavy hitters. Including myself. Not gonna mention names.

    How do we confirm it works?
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  • bl3dbl4k wrote:Assuming this thing works

    Aye, there's the rub.
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Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:07 pm

  • bl3dbl4k wrote:Assuming this thing works. We should make it mandatory. Especially the heavy hitters. Including myself. Not gonna mention names.

    How do we confirm it works?

    ...try using it. it will only run 100% stock mohaa or you get an [INF]. CVARS are a part of the stock game and you have to manually block them with your private server. Just like you have to add all your custom maps. It can and has been done, at least for now. Others are doing and have done it. jump on the train and support a clean mohaa. I would be glad to help anyone who wants to try it. should take 10-20 mins depending on ping. I could upload the files to your team speak and it would be faster. We can put a completely new mohaa on your desk top and run it from there so your old mohaa will be totally unaffected. If you don't like it or it gets cracked just dump it. if you want to see my screen shots uploaded from your server go to click servers tab put in misfits ip and there I am, over 200 ss :)
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  • OK, so I was away fr a few days with work and didnt look into it
    I tried it tonight but it didnt like my game, so I downloaded the one on their website
    Put my config file in there and what do you know .. works fine

    I ran around for about 30 seconds and i didnt notice any difference, hopefully the recording is also smooth!

    Anyways, i'll be playing with it tomorrow ... see you there! btw .. i will still kill you all plenty :)

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  • Crim,
    just want to say thanks for bringing this up and having a go, also want to say sorry for being so blunt with you... but do appreciate your honesty and your opinion!

    So I gave this a go, I didn't notice a difference except my vid settings went to low and my brightness was too high - so i had to change that (so much easier to see on low though!!!)
    Didn't matter much though, it was exactly the same as what I have been playing for years and didn't even know when the recordings were happening - so its all business as usual from what I can see

    How it works:
    You download the software and game - run the software and it pops up a box (first time you have to put in your ID) - point it to your game exe, put in your server IP and game name .. it does the rest
    You do have to register in the link provided, but its quick and painless - from there you have to generate an ID key (copy/paste it in)
    It starts the game and joins the server for you
    It takes 2 screenshots then a vid, then the cycle starts again- at the end of your game you have to upload them (just hit a button) then you can view them (or anyone can)
    I don't know how often - nor do I care? I think I got about 6 ss and 3 vids on my first 30min or so (don't know how long they are, you can see for yourself though)
    So with my limited knowledge, i think this thing works!

    I have raised discussion in the admin forums, to see if we can get it working server side as well, it doesn't kick anyone for not conforming or not running the software

    So I stepped up to the challenge .. who else?

    If there is enough interest I can write up a bit of a how to, although it is very simple

    The bigger question is however... is someone runs this anticheat and still kicks arse ... are you still going to think they cheat ... or will you accept in the instance they killed you ... they outplayed you?
    Have a think about that....

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Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:31 pm

  • how do you play demos
    I think I'm getting cancer from this
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Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:23 pm

  • unsure, download them from the site and find a player that works?

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  • I tried it. Works smoothly. The demos seem to be in *.dm3 format, which means you need mohaa.exe record version to view them. If you have that version (perhaps the "stock" version offered by alphaMAC brings that one, then in order to view the demos:

    1. Place the demo in your /demo folder inside mohaa installation folder
    2. in console, execute command "playdemo XXXXX" where XXXXX is the name of the dm3 file you downloaded.

    EDIT: I checked and yes, that's how you play them. The files come with a very long, weird name when you download them, so I recommend renaming them, and then using "playdemo XXX". What sucks is that you can't rewind, pause, fast forward, anything. You are stock inside mohaa watching mohaa play itself.
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  • Thanks DC, did you happen to watch one? if so how long are they??

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  • Yes, I watched one of yours actually (it was the first one that showed up on MisFits' alphaMAC website). I didn't watch for too long so I don't really know how long the recordings are. My guess would be it is one recording per map side, since the these dm3 files are known to get corrupted sometimes if you continue to record while there is a map change. Just for people to know, when you watch the dm3 file you DO NOT SEE what the user was seeing in terms of resolution, graphic detail, or cheats. You are just reproducing the user's actions in your own mohaa engine, meaning that if someone was using wallhack, you wouldn't see it, or if they had an altered radar, or anything, you woudn't see it. You don't see if they opened console, or the chat line, etc. Yo don't know if they minimized, and so forth. What you can do with these recordings is infer if they were using cheats based on how they play, pretty much as people do when the spect someone on the server. Different from the server, you can watch the file again and again, and you see the actions in 1st person and not 3rd person.
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