A segment of Tucker Carlson from the other day. its banned


  • https://vimeo.com/442703715

    So after the thing the other day with Americas Frontline Doctors even getting banned/scrubbed by google and the media, I was interested in seeing what Tucker Carlson had to say on his show, as he is one of few whose talked about this stuff recently.

    I missed his show but caught Laura Ingraham talking to one of the doctors from the video, but unfortunately the audio for Fox News wasn't working for that segment. Just Fox News. Every other channel/video was fine. (I use Sling). So I set the DVR for the rebroadcast of Tucker and went to bed. But for some reason, Sling didn't tape it for me. Next day, I saw a story that mentioned the show, but the video on it wouldn't work. So went searching for it. Found a lot of dead links, but finally found the link above, which works for now.

    Its amazing, that the media is able to kill a big story like this. To prevent any discussion and just delete viewpoints it doesn't agree with. It is scary as hell, actually.
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  • Seen it. Tucker’s the man. He’ll probs be conventionally on vacation soon again. It’s all bullshit! If you don’t know this by now your a simp, muppet and wanker. How many do you know that have died? Living in fear isn’t living at all. Give me liberty or give me death! Fu hod lmao
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