When editting your unnamedsoldier.cfg doesn't work

  • Sometimes windows file security gets confusing. You can go to your ea games folder, edit the unnamedsoldier.cfg file just like you always did, and when you start the game your edits don't work. WTF?

    What's happening is, Windows made a copy of the file to another directory, and is looking there, rather than to the one in program files. What to do?

    Answer: search your c: drive for unnamedsoldier.cfg and find the copy. In your folder options you want to have see hidden folders/files enabled, I think.

    This also means that anyone unfortunate enough to have had their binds wiped might still have their original config file sitting right there in their eagames folder.
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  • I have actually stopped putting games inside the program files for this reason. Anyone who has ever played a modded version of skyrim, or another game that uses nexus mod will know that windows makes it impossible to properly edit files within the program folder.
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